About us

Spanish Market Ltd. is a company in mixed Spanish-Bosnian ownership established in 1997. Its core business is production, import and distribution of consumer goods. The company's seat is in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is a representative and a distributor of the following brands and companies: Chupa Chups Perfetti van Melle - Italy, Mentos Perfetti van Melle, Italy, Pez - Austria, Sanchez Cano - Fini Spain, Bip - Netherlands, Evyap - Turkey, Mueloliva – Spain, Avab - Spain, Urzante – Spain, La Espanola – Spain, Boya - Spain, Mareblu- Italy, Hell – Hungary, Emco – Czech R. Cola Cao – Spain, Fler Dubble Bubble – Spain, etc.

In Spring 2008, Spanish Market Ltd invested in its own production. This entailed a production of baked goods with a long shelf life. The first product launched to the marketplace was a croissant.

In this way, Spanish Market Ltd. became the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina to have launched packaged products with a long shelf life (croissants, muffins, etc.)..(more) - link to Quickie.ba. The distribution of goods in BiH is conducted via 5 distribution centres located in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Brcko, Mostar and Bihac.

The company has 3,000 m2 of storage space, 600 m2 of office space and a car pool of 45 vehicles.

It is a supplier for all types of retail facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – from a kiosk to a hypermarket, and has over 8,000 registered buyers.

In addition to distribution of goods in BiH, Spanish Market Ltd. also re-exports goods and thus acts as a supplier to own companies in other countries: Spanish Market Montenegro and Spanish Market Macedonia.