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Quickie is our local brand. It includes baked goods with a long shelf life such as croissants, muffins, strudels, etc.


Mas is our local brand encompassing an entire range of salty snacks - salty baked goods, prepared with olive oil, no preservatives or artificial colors and with 100% natural ingredients.


Energy drink.


Mentos is one of top global brands of hard candies, pastilles and chewing gums.


A candy that brings smile and joy across the world. Wide product range of Pez includes: PEZ CLASSIC: Pez candies of different flavors, Pez figurines of favorite TV characters. PEZ SOFT: gummy candies, automatic pocket dispensers of candies. PEZ DEXTROSE: candies without sugar, in different flavors and shapes, etc.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is the top global brand when it comes to lollipops. In addition to lollipops, the Chupa Chups brand includes other products such as gummy candies, chewing gums, etc. 


Fini is one of leading brands of sweets in the world. Its product range includes large number of gummy, foamy and hard candies, different types of chewing gums and other interesting sweets for children and adults alike. 


Avab brand is famous for its high quality olive oil products. Its product range includes extra virgin olive oil of top quality and fruit d'oliva mixture of virgin olive oil and olive pomace oil.


Licensed toys with candies.


Emco is the leading company in the food industry of the Czech Republic. Emco focuses on production and distribution of quality and healthy food products to be a part of everyone’s living habits. This includes crunchy and traditional mueslis, muesli cookies, corn and whole-grain products, oats and grain products for children.

Mediterranean sun

Mediterranean sun is our brand that includes olive oil, mixture of virgin olive oil and olive pomace oil, olives bag packaging, green olives, unpitted and pitted olives, olives with pepper.

Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble was the first global brand to launch a chewing gum to blow extra-large bubbles. Its product range includes chewing gums of different flavors.