ProNails is an innovative and leading company in the world when it comes to nail care and has managed to maintain this position for the past 20 years. As such, this company introduced UV nail gels to the European market.

Since the very beginning, ProNails is primarily focused on producing safe and high quality products. ProNails brand originally comes from Belgium, but soon expended progressively to the entire world.

Thorough training for professionals not only helped buyers to properly use products and achieve top service, but also helped the very company to grow and develop at an amazing pace, as also thanks to mutual exchange of information. At a proposal by our faithful buyers, the company developed new, all natural products for hand and foot care at home. These new products include a collection for men as well, as we have no intention of leaving them out of the cosmetics market.

The brand was designed to combine quality and beauty. It guarantees to always be on track with present and future fashion trends. Twice a year, they issue a new collection inspiring many stylists. Also, the company issues Naily News, a magazine presenting news in the ProNails world.

The ProNails' seat and sales centre is in Sarajevo, serving also as a one-stop shop where professionals can buy all care products for hands, nails and feet.

Our branch also includes a training centre for future nail stylists. This is also a place where experienced stylist can further improve their skills. Training courses are fitted to different knowledge levels and needs of stylists. A ProNails diploma received at the completion of the course, as well as the actual course, is unique and standardised for all students worldwide.

ProNails Premium Salon = Premium service!

Early this year, we created the concept of "ProNails Premium Salon".

A Premium salon is intended to provide high quality service rendered by professionals and a beauty sanctuary where hand, nail and foot care comes first. The number of ProNails salons setting standards and trends worldwide is ever increasing.

Since this concept of distinguished design and unique philosophy is becoming a beauty reference, it came as no surprise that ProNails Premium Salons were fully welcomed by both, professionals and their clients worldwide.